I Am a Big Ole Country BoyI Am a Big Ole Country Boy. My momma fed me pretty good while growing up.

I lived on a beef cattle farm, so having meat to eat with my “taters” was a good thing.

We always had meat to go with the veggies from the garden. Rarely did we ever eat meat and veggies from the store. We only had to buy eggs from the store, because we didn’t have chickens.

My mom and dad adopted me at three months old. They are both small people dad is 6′ and mom is shorter than that 🙂 I stand 6’3 1/2″ I am the biggest person in my family.

A truck driver is what I was for 18 years until I got hurt and could not work anymore. I gained a lot of weight from not working.

So I began this weight loss journey April 21, 2016, I weighed 578 pounds. My weight loss surgeon Dr. Tompkins wanted me as close to 500 pounds as I could get for my surgery. I was approved for surgery last month at a weight of 512 pounds.

I Am a Big Ole Country Boy

When I went to make my surgery date I weighed 498 pounds.  For a grand total, I have lost 80 pounds before surgery!  I have succeeded in my first goal to get under 500 pounds.

I was losing weight and losing weight and losing more weight effortlessly before having my weight loss surgery.

If I knew then what I know now I would not have gone through the weight loss surgery. At least not until I was absolutely not losing any more weight.

Because after surgery I have had a rough way to go. I can hardly find anything I can eat doesn’t make me deathly sick.

And because of that my body “thinks” that I am starving and holds on to the fat. I actually gained nine pounds after surgery and I am not sure how that happened.

It has been a roller coaster ride since March when I had my surgery. My weight has gone up and down so much since March I dread getting on scales to just be disappointed.